First X-Rated ‘Snookie’ Nicole Polizzi Pictures Hit The Web (PICS)

Whenever new X-Rated pictures of celebrities hit the Internet, two things happen. Embarrassment for the celebrity in question, and millions of people all clambering to take a look.

On this occasion, the first reported batch of Nicole ‘Snookie’ Polizzi n a k e d   photos have hit the Internet, causing a real stir in the online world. Snookie rose to fame on the hit MTV show Jersey Shore, but today the brunette beauty was plastered all over anonymous site called

While the above website most certainly contained this Nicole Polizzi Picture this morning, the website has since been taken offline, which could mean Nicole’s lawyers got to the website owner and made some sort of legal threat to have the website removed with immediate effect, although this is purely speculation.

The Snookie N u d e Pics don’t reveal anything which could be classed x-rated, though it does show her kneeling with one hand on the floor while the other hand grasping the bed. There is also a speech bubble on the picture which reads: “There are no nude pictures nor will there ever be. The tabloids just love snook gossip.

Despite this picture hitting the Internet, with reportedly more coming over the next few days, Snooki has yet to offer up any response, after she recently denied the existence of any such racy shots. mce_marker


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