Eva Mendes Launches Her ‘Vida for Espana’ Tabletop Collection (PICS)

Eva Mendes was hard at work this weekend as she debuted her own tabletop collection called ‘Vida For Espana‘ at Macy’s Home in Costa Mesa, California.

The sexy actress looked stunning in a beautiful 50’s style knee-length dress, and happily greeted 400 viewers during the afternoon appearance. Eva Mendes took to the stage and spoke to the gathered crowd, saying: “Today I’m very excited because I’m launching my dinnerware.”

Continuing: “It’s an affordable, beautiful dinner ware that is very informal, very sheik, and easy to mix and match. I really take my influences from different places that I go to, for example I was just in Istanbul, Turkey and the patterns and the culture were amazing so I guess I stole a little bit from there.

Vida is about easy luxury – the colors, fabrics and textures that I live and love, brought to life in a stylish, comfortable and affordable way.

Eva Mendes – Vida for Espana Launch

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