Eric Dane To Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Eric Dane isn’t going to put on his scrubs anymore.
The actor in statement told to TVLine on Thursday that he will be leaving ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Eric, 39, who plays as Dr. Mark Sloan aka “McSteamy” on the drama series decision to quit the show didn’t come lightly, said the creator Shonda Rimes.

Shonda told TVLine that, she and Eric has gone through a lot of considerations and talks over this and decided that this is perfect time for his storyline to come to an end. No matter what, Eric will always be a part of the Grey’s Anatomy family, she added.

Eric, who has two young girls with Rebecca Gayheart, his wife won’t be completely absent from Grey’s Anatomy, when its ninth season begins on September 27, reports TVLine.

During the last season’s finale, even though a place accident killed his fiancé Lexie, which is played by Chyler Leigh, Eric is expected to be alive and come back again before he is send off, TVline adds.

However, Eric is not the only actor to quit the show. Alongside Chyler Leigh, Kim Raver has also departed the series.

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