Emma Watson Quits University to Concentrate on Harry Potter

It seems Harry Potter darling Emma Watson has had too much on her plate, that she’s having trouble concentrating. The 20-year-old yesterday announced that she will be temporarily putting her studies at the prestigious Brown University on hold. The decision is made in order for Emma to focus more on wrapping up the shooting of Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows part 2.

Emma wrote on her website that while she loves her studies, she finds it increasingly hard to juggle being a student and to fulfill her other commitments. Have no worries though of her future, because she said that she’ll still be working towards her degree. However, it may take her longer to graduate.

There’s no doubt that she is one smart cookie. Even her role in Harry Potter is of the intelligent Hermione Granger. We’re looking forward to the final installment of the franchise this summer.

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