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Diamond jewelery can be made up of many different items including diamonds on their own, diamond rings which can be specific to a particular event for example an engagement, diamond eternity rings which are most commonly given after a child’s birth, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and diamond pendants. In fact diamonds can be worn just about anywhere so long as they can be planted into something that one can wear.

Diamonds become most noteworthy when on display by those people carrying a particular significance. For example, at the Brit Awards a few years ago popular singer Rachel Stevens was caught wearing a pave crown diamond ring. At the same event, Gwen Stefani was also seen to be wearing a white gold and diamond wings ring. Diamond rings are very popular amongst celebrities as too are diamond necklaces and diamond earrings as these are very easy to be seen.

But diamonds can be worn just about anywhere. At the recent BAFTAS awards in 2008, leading French Hollywood star Marion Cotillard wore a diamond chopard pin in her hair. This makes onlookers work hard to really see the intricacies on celebrities. But celebrity jewelery is ludicrously expensive and the majority of consumers couldn’t even dream about affording such items.

Diamond jewelery from your average high street store is, generally speaking, much more reasonable in price. Depending what item, size and style one chooses can make a significant difference but will always remain affordable – on the assumption ones income is great enough to buy a diamond piece of jewelery in the first place. Most of the leading stores have particularly good ranges of well-priced jewelery who try to help all those wannabe superstars achieve their ambitions of looking like celebrities and declare their claim to fame. Whatever diamond item is bought, it will certainly be a step towards the celebrity look.


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