Daniella Westbrook – Dancing On Ice Week One Performance

If this time last year you were asked if Daniella Westbrook would come into mainstream media again after her drug abuse 10 years ago, I think most people would have said no, but thanks to being reinstated as Sam Mitchell on Eastenders 4 months ago, she has managed to land a spot on the new series of Dancing On Ice.

Daniella Westbrook and her dance partner Matthew Gonzalez hit opened the show this evening dancing to a fast number, Evacuate The Dancefloor, and they scored some good reviews from the judging panel, who gave them an impressive 17 points out of a possible 30, putting them 2nd on the leaderboard for the evening.

Robin Cousins described Daniella Westbrooks Dancing On Ice Week One performance as “a fantastic first performance,” while Karen Barber said it was “a great start to the show.” We agree, Daniella was much better that we had expected, and I’m sure she will remain in the competition for a good few weeks to come.

Daniella Westbrook – Dancing On Ice Week One Video

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