Dancing On Ice’s Heather Mills and Her Shameless Self-Publicity

One-legged Dancing On Ice star Heather Mills is apparently so desperate to win this years show, that she has sent out a mass-email to all fans asking for support.

Heather Mills stars in Dancing On Ice. Support Heather. Watch the show and please vote,” says the email. The ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney also put posters outside her vegan restaurant along with the voting numbers so people can call in and vote. The poster also advertisers her official twitter account.

A friend of peg leg Heather Mills told The Sun: “Heather is sending the email to everyone she knows – she’s so ambitious its unreal. She is desperate to get public support to prove some people do actually like her.” (She’s gonna get a shock when she realises the British public cannot stand her.)

And the poor fools who follow peggy on Twitter and who are signed up to her email list were treated to an inspirational message from Heather, which read… “Busy day counselling people whilst in 3 hours of traffic to get to ice rink good time management but reminder Afghanistan is getting worse.”

It wouldnt surprise me if half the people on her email list unsubscribe pretty quickly after reading the crap she has sent out. Sooner she is dumped from the show, the better.

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