Dancing On Ice’s Gary Lucy and his Lycra Struggles

Dancing on Ice contestant Gary Lucy has admitted he’s finding his Lycra outfits a bit of a struggle.

The actor, who is best known for his character on The Bill, will perform for the first time this Sunday evening, and said he’s found his dance belt a bit of a challenge.

The Lycra is interesting, but it’s the dance belt I’m struggling with at the moment to be honest, which essentially is a thong and it’s not the most comfortable of things but I’ll get use to it hopefully,” said Gary.

But Gary has always been known in the industry as a man who takes to a challenge and his hard work is starting to pay off.

No serious injuries yet, I haven’t dropped my partner on the head yet,” he laughed. “My jeans are fitting a bit baggier, it’s a nice post-Christmas work-out. It’s skaters legs and a skater bum I’m looking for.

Are you rooting for Gary Lucy on Dancing on Ice?

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