Cheryl Cole Officially Splits with Ashley Via Press Statement

It became official today that Cheryl has split from her (soon to be ex-)Husband, Footballer Ashley Cole, A spokesman for the singer came forward today saying “Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole. Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time. We have no further comment to make.”

They got married in June 2006, but their marriage has been on the rocks since 2008, when allegations hit the press that Ashley had cheated on Cheryl with hairdresser Aimee Walton, after Cheryl spent some time in LA with band mates Kimberly Walsh and Nicola Roberts, Cheryl decided to take Ashley back and give him a second chance and said “when i said my wedding vows i meant them, for better or for worse“.

However this month, more allegations hit the press that Ashley had been un-faithful to Cheryl, it was said that he had been sending X-rated pictures of himself to glamour model Sonia Wild,28, since then a total of 5 girls have come forward with claims of some sexual intercourse with the Chelsea player, obviously Cheryl wanted to escape the country straight away but couldn’t because of commitments to the Brits, but the moaning after the Brits she was seen in Heathrow Airport, heading for LA, she has now been there nearly a week and it was yesturday reported that she sent Ashley a text saying “move out, it’s over” and today the spokesperson for the singer came forward saying that they are in fact separated.

Well done Chez, u deserve better 🙂

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