Cheryl Cole Releases New Video

Cheryl Cole has finally released her video for her new single, Call My Name. Over the past few months there was much hype about it. And male fans will rejoice. Cheryl will be showing lots of skin. Three different racy outfits are worn by Cheryl, that showcase her toned body. In one outfit Cheryl shows off her tummy with a neon yellow bra and a pair of multicolored harem pants. In the second outfit, she is seen wearing blazer that covers her top half but she shows plenty of leg. And the third outfit, she can been seen wearing a black and white leotard that is paired with a pair of purple, white and black leggings.
In the video, she can be seen dancing energentically with a bunch of guys. She throws one guys hat and then lights another’s cigarette, and then they start in a dance. Lots of arm movements and thrusting are seen in the dance. This is her first release off the album A Million Lights. It will be available to download on June 18. She filmed the video in Lost Angeles. It will be her first release since January 2011 when The Flood was released.,

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