Cheryl Cole Eager For Girls Aloud Return

26 year old singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is eager for Girls Aloud to get back together and is “excited at the prospect of working with her band mates again” she said “I think it will be exciting. It will feel like we were never apart. But I see them all the time, and when I haven’t seen them I hear from them a lot, too.

Cheryl is very close to her band mates Nadine Coyle,Nicola Roberts,Kimberly Walsh and Sarah Harding, she calls them her ‘best friends’.

She told New! Magazine “They are my best friends. Not in a cheesy way, but you can tell how close we are by the length of our career – knowing them from being a 19-year-old teenager to a 26-year-old woman.”

She added “Well, with this solo album it’s like I’ve started all over again, so I’ve got new dreams of this album succeeding all over the world. But I’m more than grateful for what I’ve achieved. I’m also happy and proud of myself for those achievements.

I can’t wait for the reunion either, what about you, comment below.

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