Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole are heading for a Divorce

Cheryl Cole is officially planning to split from her Chelsea footballer husband Ashley Cole after the coming World Cup. According to the source, Cheryl wants a cordial settlement with Ashley which she thinks will be beneficial for both of them for their future. According to the daily mail, Cheryl wants to do everything without an official lawyer and wants’ to make her own terms and conditions.

One of the claims she will make is to keep her house and dog in the settlement.  Although all the legal stuff will take place after the world cup, it will be highly secretive and hidden from general public and paparazzi.

Who knows there could be another twist in between? Guys what is your opinion?

3 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole are heading for a Divorce

  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Your post was amazing. To get your lover back is not the hardest of the jobs But it for sure can take some time

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