Cher Rants on Twitter after Burlesque Snub at the Oscar

Academy award winner Cher has taken her dislike of the Academy’s decision to snub her song to the land where people tweet – Twitter. She posted several tweets asking why the song she sang on her hit movie Burlesque didn’t get shortlisted for the Best Original Song category.

The song “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”, which was penned by the queen of ballads Diane Warren, won a Golden Globe award for the best song in a movie. So it was to Cher’s surprise that the song didn’t even get nominated at all for the Oscar. “That sucks,” was just one of the many things that Cher posted on her Twitter account. She then question just how one suppose to win the award.

But when her frustration subsides, she posted another message saying that at the end of the day the sun would still shine – even without the nomination.We think it’s a great song that deserves to be nominated – so at least it had the recognition from the Golden Globe.

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