Charlie Sheen To Donate $1 Million To US Army

Charlie Sheen, 46, has promised to donate $1 million at least to the USO or United Service Organization. This is the single largest donation by an individual ever received by the USO.

Charlie also said he will donate 1 percent of the total profits made by his latest endeavor, “Anger Management”, aired on FX, will go to the USO. This will be around $1 million minimum with no caps, which means the more profits, the more donations for the USO.

Executive VP and Joint Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, General John I. Pray, Jr. said in a released statement, Sheen’s support especially appreciated from all the wounded soldiers and their families.

Sheen also in a released statement said that these men and women in the army are doing so much for all of us, putting their lives in the line daily. So it’s a great honor for me to be able to give something back.
I am also happy that “Anger Management”, can hopefully bring some relief to the troops as well as to their families, he added.

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