Celebrity Plastic Surgery in Gossip and Entertainment Industry

It’s almost shocking how much attention the subject of plastic surgery gets when it comes to celebrity gossip and the entertainment business. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people are constantly chattering about which celebrities have or have not undergone plastic surgery, or that this is necessarily the primary focus of celebrity fashion. However, it is true that any time a celebrity or public figure changes his or her appearance in a noticeable way (or sometimes even in a very subtle way) it seems to be news, at least in the tabloids. Yet, as you can see on relevant websites such as www.aboutplasticsurgery.com and others, the effects of modern plastic surgery can actually be quite slight, and surgeries are not as noticeable as they once were. This seems to make it strange that people are so acutely aware of celebrity shifts in appearance.

The most recent example that comes to mind (though there have no doubt been hundreds or even thousands of tabloid plastic surgery allegations since this one) is Hollywood actress Kate Hudson’s alleged breast enlargement not long ago. This is a bit of a unique case, because Miss Hudson was actually always noted as a stunning beauty despite the fact that she had naturally small breasts. Thus, naturally, when she began to appear in public with breasts that appeared to be slightly enlarged, the tabloids, and indeed even some more trustworthy celebrity news outlets, went wild. All over the place, people were throwing out their opinions of whether or not it was a good change, and “what Kate Hudson’s implants meant.” It’s really somewhat comical, yet this is an accurate example of what happens when a public figure makes a surgical change to his or her appearance.

That said, however, it is important to remember that while you may be considering plastic surgery because you are imitating celebrity beauty, you yourself are not a celebrity, and as such you likely won’t receive the same sort of speculation and attention. The fact is, modern plastic surgery procedures are quite perfected in most cases, and can be executed with both success and subtlety. While in the past, certain plastic surgery procedures left people looking, literally, “plastic,” you can now have significant changes made to your face and body in a way that looks almost entirely natural. The procedures are simply noticed in celebrities because their every move is hawked by the media. This basically means that you, as an ordinary person, have the best of both worlds: you can enhance your beauty or maintain your youth in the same fashion as popular celebrities often do, without facing the same level of scrutiny.

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