Cause Of Death Of Sage Stallone Still Unknown, Says Coroner

Officials will need at least two months to find out what really caused the death of Sage Stallone, eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, the LA County Coroner’s spokesman told CNN on Sunday.

Sage Moonblood Stallone was 36 when he was found dead earlier this Friday at his Hollywood home.

Even though Sage’s autopsy was completed on Sunday, it still required the toxicology tests results, the coroner’s spokesman said. This usually needs six weeks.

Meanwhile, there has been contrasting speculation about the probable cause of death of Sage.
Some reports say Sage overdosed on prescription drugs. But his lawyer and friend, George Braunstein, told that Sage didn’t have any history of drug abuse or addiction, and didn’t drink even.

His final hours also seem murky. Reports suggest that by the time his body was found, Sage reportedly was dead for three days or more. But Braunstein believes this isn’t true. He said that Sage posted photos of him at home on his Facebook account just 17 hours ago before his body was discovered.

Sage, who starred with his father, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky V (1990) and in Daylight (1996) was all set set to marry his fiancée in Las Vegas this weekend.
Sage was described as a film geek who used to idolize his father also wrote and directed a short film Vic in 2006.

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