Carrie Fisher Did Cocaine On The Set of His Show

The addiction to drugs of American novelist/actress Carrie Fisher was occurring. While portraying the role of Princess Leia in 1980 ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, it emerges.The actress said that they did cocaine on Empire’s set in the ice planet and she didn’t like coke so it was just some how having on whatever way she had needed taking on getting high.

During 1980, she played the manic ex-girlfriend’s part in ‘The Blues Brothers’ with John Belushi and then boyfriend Dan Ackroyd.Fisher said that she slowly realized that she was doing a bit more drugs compared to other people and she’s losing her choice in the matter but it wasn’t funny for her when her friend died in her bed due to an overdose and took a long time for it to be funny. However, she said it’s still not funny.She added that it’s always been her responsibility because if it was Hollywood’s, then they’d all be drug addicts.

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