Britney Spears Wants James Franco For Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie

britney spearsIf Britney Spears were given the task to find a perfect actor to play Christian Grey, the sadomasochistic lover of Anastasia Steele from E.L. James’s book, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the search would have been over by now.

Currently producers are still scrambling to find a replacement for Charlie Hunman. Charlie, 33, was originally selected to play Christian Grey but later declined the role. So, Britney, 31, has put forward James Franco’s name as a possible replacement for Charlie.

During an interview with the radio show KIIS-FM UK on Wed. (Oct. 16), the “Work Bitch” singer told that she loves James Franco and she thinks he’s really cool.

Meanwhile, James, 35, is no stranger when it comes to tackling tricky characters. The actor earned acclaim for his role in movie, The Broken Tower (which by the way he wrote, produced and directed), and he featured in provocative films like Milk, Spring Breakers, and Lovelace.

The pop princess gushed that she had a dream about James the night before, but she said it wasn’t the kind of dream; they were only just talking and having a conversation.

Britney’s new upcoming 8th studio album, “Britney Jean” is expected to be out in Dec. 3.

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