British Rock Icon: Exterminate Simon Cowell!

Don’t blame us for not using the name on the title, but apparently British Rock “icon” Jack Bruce (who?) has launched a tirade against the nation’s favourite music mogul Simon Cowell. What could possibly trigger such hatred reaction from an old man? He thinks that Simon has wrecked the music industry.

Apart from wanting Simon Cowell to be exterminated, he also has a few nice words to say about the X-Factor judge. He says that Simon is a human fire blanket and — wait for it — a vile individual. If Simon were to be around in the 1960s in the music business, Jack is convinced that many great acts wouldn’t have made it big due to Simon’s insults. Which is exactly what Jack is doing himself.

But at the end of the day, Simon gets the last laughs as he ranked in the top 50 as the Most Influential People in 2010 in New Stateman magazine earning US$85 million annually.

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