Breaking News: Justin Bieber May Cut His Hair

Justin Bieber has revealed the shocking news that he may chop off his pretty blond hair pretty soon. The big news was revealed during his interview with talkshow host veteran Barbara Walters.

On Thursday night, Justin Bieber was interviewed by the news anchor for her “10 Most Fascinating People of the Year” segment. Barbara popped the 1-million dollar question of will Justin ever consider to cut his golden, luscious hair. The answer to the question: “Probably soon,” Bieber said.

We must warn Justin to weigh his decision carefully, because there have been instances in the past where stars suddenly lost their star status after a hair cut. Case in point – the Keri Russel of Felicity’s fame incident. Upon cutting her trademark curly hair short, the TV show lost almost all of its audience and was swiftly cancelled. But we digress.

 Other worthy information from the interview includes the pop heartthrob’s revelation that he’s not dating Jasmine Villegas – despite the fact that the two were caught canoodling by the paparazzi earlier.

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