Brad Pitt Stuns A Wedding In England

brad pittWell, this might be the best wedding present ever to new bride Abi Lingwood.

Abi, 28, who was celebrating her wedding with her family and friends on Sept. 19 at a reception party in the Stroke Park Hotel in the UK, when her groom 41-year-old groom Daniel, came up to her with some unexpected news.

Abi gushed to the Maidenhead Advertiser that her husband came up to her and told her that Brad Pitt, 49, was at the bar and she wanted to come with him right away. She assumed that Daniel was cracking a joke.

The World War Z star was casting for his new upcoming movie, Fury, close to Pinewood Studios, took a short moment and posed with the new husband and wife for a photo.

Abi said that Brad wasn’t troubled at all and congratulated her and said her to have a good day. Abi also said Brad was really nice and told her she looked nice.

When Abi and Daniel returned to their reception and told their friends about meeting Brad at the bar, all hell broke loose. Abi said the girls went all crazy and wild, so Brad and his group went to a room upstairs for their meeting.

Meanwhile, Abi said she met Brad, who is engaged with actress Angelina Jolie, for a second time the next day and told him that her wedding was “amazing” and meeting Brad topped everything on her big day.

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