Beyonce Wants a Baby Boy

One of the big highlights of the MTV Video Music Awards show was when singer Beyonce announced that she and her husband rapper Jay-Z were expecting their first child together. After her performance, Beyonce announced that she wanted the audience to “feel the love growing inside of me” before unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a beyonce baby bump. We heard that Beyonce was excited about making her announcement although she did not plan it.

It is reported that she wanted to hold the secret a little longer but could not keep the good news to herself. We heard that after she revealed her pregnancy to the crowd, she and Jay-Z said that they felt “free”, they did not have to try to hide it from the world anymore. Even though the baby bump looked rather small, Beyonce is said to be three months pregnant and would be giving birth in February. From all reports, Beyonce has said that she wants to have a baby boy.

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