Ashley Greene Looks Just as Good with her Clothes ON as She Does in Her Bikini (PICS)

Ashley Greene. We have published a lot of stories on her in the last week or two, and they’ve been noticed by a lot of people. It’s not surprising when Ashley Greene Naked Pictures hit the Internet, in which she was completely naked, with just a body-painted bikini to protect her modesty.

A day earlier more revealing pictures of the sexy young actress appeared, which you can find at Ashley Greene Bikini Pictures. And late in 2009, there were a bunch of Ashley Greene Leaked X-Rated Pictures which found they’re way around the web, which gave the star a lot of unwanted publicity.

But yesterday, Ashley Greene took some time out in Los Angeles, doing a little shopping before she headed out to meet a friend. The New Moon actress was spotted driving her black 4×4 Audi, and was wearing white jeans, a black top and a leopard print bag. She was seen chatting away on the telephone and happily smiled and waved to the paparazzi.

Ashley revealed recently that she’s more than happy to be back on the West Coast, as the weather out East proved to be way too cold for the model.  Ashley Greene took to her twitter account last week, tweeting: “I love NYC but it’s 20 something here! Excited to be heading back home to LA. Land of sunshine and palm trees!

Ashley Greene Pictures in Los Angeles

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