Angelina Jolie Returns To Red Carpet After Having Double Mastectomy

angelina jolieActress Angelina Jolie has returned to the red carpet making her first appearance in public since she admitted undergoing a double mastectomy in February.

Angelina, 37, arrived at the red carpet for the premiere of the movie World War Z in London on Sunday, June 2, with her fiancé Brad Pitt. Brad, 49, produced the movie and stars as Gerry Lane.

Earlier, Angelina announced that she was diagnosed with a mutated form of BRCA1 gene and has undergone the preventive mastectomy on February16. Later she went for reconstructive surgery on April 27, according to an op-ed published in the New York Times on May 14.

She wrote that the surgery didn’t make her any less of a woman. She also said that she feels empowered of making such a bold choice, which doesn’t diminish her femininity in any way. Brad extended his support for Angelina publicly and termed her decision to have a double mastectomy “absolutely heroic”.

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