Amy WineHouse found Dead at Her London Home

Amy Winehouse, 27 an English singer-songwriter, today discovered dead at her north London flat in Camden. The Amy Winehouse death is confirmed by the Metropolitan Police and cause of the death is yet to come out. It is still not confirmed that wheather Amy winehouse commited a suicide or not. In recent years, Amy Winehouse were having lot of issues with her drinking habit and drug overdose which seriously  affected her music career. Her European tour was cancelled recently because of her drinking problem which was considered to be too drunk to be too drunk to perform the show.

As of 2011, Amy Winehouse received total of five Gammy Awards in her singing career and in  2006 her Back to Black brought her worldwide respect and fan base. The rumours started to circulating the  Saturday morning when number of tweets has been posted in twitter including tweet by former prime minister’s wife Sarah Brown.


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