Amanda Bynes Spotted Smoking On New York Streets

amanda bynesAmanda Bynes, 27, was spotted on the streets of her newly adopted city New York on Monday, April 8, smoking what looked like hand-rolled cigarette.

The former Nickelodeon starlet, who has been reported for erratic behavior over the weeks, was earlier asked to leave a gym class at the Chelsea Piers as she was wearing an outfit that resembled an underwear.

Amanda denied that news and tweeted on Friday that it’s fake and she’s going to sue every blog that said she was kicked out of the gym. She also tweeted that she’s going to post pictures of everyone writing articles about her from now on. She later warned on Saturday that if anyone post things about her on their blogs, she will also post awful pictures of them and block them.

Meanwhile, a source told E! News that Amanda’s family back in LA is worried about her and is ready to intervene if her quirky behavior got out of hand.

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