Amanda Bynes says Lindsay Lohan is worse than her

Amanda Bynes is outrageous that Lindsay Lohan is thrashing her.

Amanda texted a friend on Tuesday that she hated being compared to Lohan. She said that she’s never been arrested for possessing drugs or chasing someone. Amanda is currently facing criminal charges for violating her DUI conviction.
Nevertheless, Bynes said that she and Lindsay were never friends any time, and Lindsay Lohan should instead focus on her life and rather leave her alone.

FYI, Lohan audaciously posted on Twitter on Saturday night it’s not fair that Amanda hasn’t landed to jail for her crimes but she had. She wrote, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”
Amazing to know that this comes from a woman, who is accused for multiple crimes including jewelry theft, violating her probation several times and even showing the judge the “finger”.
Bynes have only been arrested not convicted for her crimes.

Meanwhile, the nickelodeon star is adamantly telling her friends that she’s fine and not crazy and doesn’t smoke weed in her car. Amanda’s friends are getting concerned about her recent behavior and thinking that she may have some mental problems when people who witnessed her say that Amanda’s is chatting to inanimate things, talking to herself and smoking weed in her car.

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