Alex Reid Wins Celebrity Big Brother 2010

If you tuned in to the final of Celebrity Big Brother last night then you would of saw that Jonas, Alex, Vinnie, Dane and Stephanie were all fighting it out to be crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2010.

But the nation saw Alex Reid win the last Celebrity Big Brother. Reid is a cage fighter and is best known for dating glamour model and the most hated woman in Britain, Katie Price.

Stephanie was the first housemate who was evicted last night, then Jonas, Vinnie, Dane and of course the actual winner Alex Reid.

When Davina Mcall was talking to Reid after he found out he won he said “I love Katie Price, I really love her.”

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3 thoughts on “Alex Reid Wins Celebrity Big Brother 2010

  1. Well done Alex, Just proves a book should not get judged on its cover hey. and Katie price is hardly the most hated woman in britain is she. For fu*k sake give her a break, PETE is a toss*r he has finally proved the reason for being with kate in first place was for fame and money the IDIOT from doing the interview in the mag he has done . . . His loss.

    Love Katie price 🙂 and will support her all the way to the end 🙂 xxx

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