Adam Lambert Wants a Boyfriend!

Recently Adam Lambert split up with long term boyfriend Drake LaBry but he has now revealed he wants another relationship! He has claimed that he wants a new man in his life but his busy schedule gets in the way.

Lambert told US TV show Extra “I’m not in love, i like to casually date and i enjoy meeting new people. I’m not in the position to be in a relationship. ultimately i would love that.”

But in an interview in november with the USA Today newspaper Lambert said “My life has changed so much, I’m not sure what my needs are anymore, At the moment, it’s probably difficult to have a relationship.”

So do you think he will find the man of his dreams, leave your comments below …

2 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Wants a Boyfriend!

  1. Adam–if the guy thing doesn’t work out there are loads of females who would be willing to keep you company!

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